We can help you AT LOWER COST with your Intellectual Property (Patents-Trademarks-Copyrights) Needs, with Over 25 Years of Experience.  We have been involved in many phases of the Patenting Process including National (U.S.) Patent Case Prosecution and International Matters (PCT Applications and Patenting in Foreign Countries).  We also serve the Client in preparation of  Trademark Applications (State and Federal) and Various Copyright Applications; with further services to meet the Client's needs in IRS Tax Resolution/Compromise Matters and Preparation of Wills.

patent trademark copyright law; M. ALEX BROWN, PATENT ATTORNEY
patent trademark copyright law; M. ALEX BROWN, PATENT ATTORNEY
We will help you protect your inventions business marks and writings

Examples of some of the successful Patent Applications we have worked on include issuance of the following U.S. Patent Numbrs:

8,753,518          6,659,691          5,863,289

7,708,890          6,155,967          5,830,036

8,114,004          6,125,694          5,676,868

7,645,387          6,082,545          5,623,789

RE 40,943         5,954,384          5,397,521

6,723,025          5,905,564          5,139,108

6,687,720          5,881,428          5,191,922

D 525,860       D 499,462            D 393,810

D 392,993.      9,211,466

Individual patent applications filed for new clients may differ as to success or failure, based on the specific facts of each case and invention.  We work with Mechanical Devices, and Chemical, Rad Waste, Medical and Biomedical Inventions, as well as visual protection for a wide range of Designs. We endeavor in many cases to keep our Attorney's Fees as low as possible, though we cannot guarantee that this will be true in all cases based on the facts and individual nature of each case.


Additionally, if we can be of assistance with regard to your TAX RESOLUTION MATTERS and PREPARATION OF WILLS and LIVING WILLS, please let us know.  Not Certified as Estate Planning Specialist by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Education and Specialization. THAT FIRST CONSULTATION IS ALWAYS FREE TO INITIALLY DISCUSS YOUR CASE.  "Your First Step Is Important!"

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Call us today to schedule a free consultation and we will discuss all the details of your Invention, Business Trademark,  Service Mark or Writing; IRS Tax Resolution MATTER or Will Preparation matter.  Only after we have all the data, can we offer you a good solution!